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We all know that creating quality content is time consuming and hard. Save time and effort, and let Swift Performance AI work for you and get a faster blog today!
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Increase the number of your visitors

with power of Artifical Intelligence

Your website visitors can make a decision about your website in a single second without reading a single line. That is why it is absolutely important that the loading speed is as low as possible.

Faster blog

Your visitors will love the speed of your website. With powerful caching, innovative javascript and CSS optimization and improved on-site navigation your blog will become lightning fast. Swift Performance AI will improve Web Vital scores for your real visitors, not only for testing tools.
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More visitors

Speed is a very important factor for SEO. Because Swift Performance AI focuses on field data instead of lab data, your site will be faster for real visitors, not just test tools. This real speed optimization improves SEO and rankings so your website can reach more visitors.
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More engagements

Visitors love fast blogs. They're more likely to come back and make more page views if they don't have to wait several seconds while navigating your site. Bounce rates can also be radically reduced (especially on mobile) if you can keep load times low.
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WordPress speed optimization

has never been so easy

Swift Performance AI is an easy, powerful automated speed up solution Start using Swift Performance AI

Maximum compatibility

You can forget to exclude javascript and CSS files one by one and struggling with configuration and compatibility issues. Swift Performance AI will optimize your site automatically without manual configuration.
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A picture
is worth a thousand words.

Images are one of the most important parts of your website, however if they are not optimized, they can hurt your website's speed. Swift Performance AI optimizes all images on demand to save space while delivering the best performance.