These features are not included in any other cache plugin on the market.


These features may are included in other cache plugins, but Swift Performance provide more advanced solution


These features are included in other cache plugins, but Swift Performance was the first who made it


Quick Setup

Swift Performance provides an easy step-by-step Setup Wizard with auto-configuration.



Swift Performance also provides pre-configured presets, it can be a quick and optimal solution for beginners as well.



You can Export/Import your settings, so if you already find the ideal settings for you, it is easy to move it to production environment or even to an other site.


With Whitelabel feature you can easily re-brand Swift for your clients.


Swift Performance is widely using filters, actions and constants, so if you are an advanced user it is easy to customize it for your project.


CSS Optimization

One of the most important thing for performance is optimize the delivery of static resources. Swift Performance not only combines and minifies the CSS files, but generates the Critical CSS for each page automatically.


Javascript Optimization

Javascripts (even inline scripts) can be combined, minified, and move to footer without any conflict.

Async Execute Javascripts

Huge combined javascript files may still be render blocking. Swift Performance provides the unique Async Execute feature: you can still combine scripts, however scripts will run individually as soon as a chunk has been downloaded – which provides incredibly fast JS execution, improves SEO scores and user experience


Image Optimizer

Swift Performance comes with a built-in, unlimited image optimizer. You can lossy/losslessly optimize your JPEG and PNG images, and generate WebP version using our Image Optimizer API


Lazyload images

Swift Performance provides a nice lazyload feature. Swift Performance loads extremely reduced versions of your images (they will look blurred) and load fully only those images which are nearly in the viewport. There is also a separate option to lazyload background images.


Smart Youtube Embed

With smart Youtube embed feature the browser won’t load unnecessary assets until the visitor start the video (or before the embed is in the viewport on mobile), but provide the same user experience:


Server Push

If your site is running on HTTP2 this feature will help to optimize resources, and speed up page load.


CDN support

Swift Performance helps to set up any CDN what is using pull method. If you enable this option WordPress will load static files through CDN. You can also specify custom file types which should served by CDN. Swift Performance also provides advanced Cloudflare support.


Page Cache

Swift Performance will create static version of your pages, so the browser can load them more quickly. Page caching decrease TTFB and also save some server resources.

Browser caching

Swift Performance add the necessary headers to enable browser caching. Browser caching will speed up page loading and also decrease the traffic on your server.

Proxy caching

Proxy caching is an advanced option if your site is using proxies like Cloudflare. It can extremely decrease the TTFB behind the proxy server


Cache preloading

Swift Performance provide a cache preload feature, with this WordPress will preload all of your cacheable pages and create the cache for the visitors. It can also detect if any modification was made (publish/update post, page or product, new comment, stock/price of a product was updated, etc…) and recreate the cache automatically.

Lazyload elements – ajaxify

Lazyload elements is an advanced feature. With this you can specify content parts which should be loaded via AJAX after the page was loaded. Thanks for this feature you don’t need to exclude whole page just because there is a small dynamic part.


Cache empty minicart

With this feature you can serve the WooCommerce minicart from static cache if it is empty. It will speed up the first interaction with your site.


AJAX cache

With Swift Performance you can specify cacheable AJAX actions, these requests can be cached like your pages. It will speed up the page fully loaded time for your visitors.


Dynamic caching

With Swift Performance you can specify cacheable query strings, these requests can be cached like normal pages. It can be useful if your site is using query strings for ordering, language, etc…

Cache for logged in users

You can enable caching for logged in users, so your site can be quicker for your real visitors too, not only for speed tests.

Early loader

With Early loader feature Swift Performance will be the very first plugin which will be loaded, so it can optimize the response before any other plugin affect the speed.

Cache 404

Swift Performance can cache 404 pages as well. If your server is overloaded with 404 requests, with this option you can decrease the load on your server.


Swift Performance fully supports Varnish, can automatically clear and preload cache.


With Appcache you can select specific pages (or even the full site), which will be preloaded for the visitor on the first view using browser’s Application Cache. It can dramatically speed up navigation on your site. You can configure Appcache separately for desktop and mobile.


Advanced Exceptions

You can set exceptions for caching. You can exclude post types, specific pages or URLs, you can also add exceptions by user agents and crawlers, you can exclude archive pages (author, category, etc.), or even exclude page from caching if it contains a specific string.