Swift Performance AI

The most innovative cache plugin

Optimize Web Vitals

Swift Performance AI will optimize core Web Vitals automatically. You don't need to tweak settings, exclude plugin or theme files, add exceptions and workarounds. Everything will work smoothly.

Optimize CSS

Swift Performance was the first WordPress optimization plugin which generated Critical CSS on the fly. Now Swift Performance AI generates improved Critical CSS.

Real javascript optimization

Swift Performance AI focusing on field data - improving real user experience - instead of testing tools. Swift will optimize javascript parsing and execution automatically to get the best achiveable performance without issues.

Image Optimization

Swift Performance AI optimizes images - including third party and background images - on demand with built in image optimizer, to save space and improve WordPress speed. Swift Performance also uses adaptive images sizes without CDN or any other third party solution, so your site will use the correct image size on every screen sizes.

Lazyload everything

Third party embeds and images can impact speed. Swift Performance AI you can lazyload everything: images, iframes, Youtube and Vimeo embeds, Google Maps, etc.

Smart Font Delivery

Fonts and icons are very important for design, but they can have a bad effect on load time. Swift Performance AI will automatically detect used icons and fonts, and optimize font & icon delivery.

Native LiteSpeed support

Swift Performance AI supports LiteSpeed cache, so best results are guaranteed with Swift Performance on LiteSpeed servers as well.

Optimize Hero Sliders

A hero slider can be very spectacular, but we all know that it can be a performance issue. However Swift Performance AI will detect and optimize these sliders automatically to speed up WordPress.

Dynamic Fragments

Cache can be pretty quick, but sometimes we can't cache everything. With Swift Performance AI you can load fragments via AJAX, so you can load dynamic content and keep your site fast. It supports Elementor widgets, Gutenberg blocks, shortcodes, WooCommerce prices and native widgets.

Speed up on-site navigation

Swift Performance AI can speed up on-site navigation with native prefetch and preload techniques. With Swift AI your pages will load instantly for your visitors.

Cloudflare integration

Swift Performance AI is fully compatible with Cloudflare APO, moreover with Proxy caching you can take adventage of Cloudflare even without paying for APO.

WooCommerce integration

Swift Performance optimizes up Cart and Checkout pages as well to speed up the whole checkout process. Prices can be also loaded with Dynamic Fragments, so you can use caching for multi-currency webshops as well.

Speed up non-cached pages

Swift Performance AI can optimize pages even for logged in users, and improve loading time for not cacheable pages as well. This is pretty important to improve field data which is an important SEO factor.