Cache is the place where computer stores recently used information and when you think about optimizing your website, never underestimate the role of caching in WordPress.

Website caching makes websites extremely fast. That also means better SEO scores and increased user satisfaction, better conversions and at the end increased income with lower costs.

In general caching keeps accessed objects, images and data closer to where you need them, speeding up access to websites you hit often.

The more cache, the less time the computer spends accessing slower main memory. Results are in programs that may run faster and it leads to greater performance of your website.

There are 2 basic type of cache: server side and client side cache.

In WordPress you are not updating it everyday, after every post or page. Server side caching creates static copies of your post or page, and serves that to visitors. This way, the back and forth queries to and from the database can be avoided, reducing the server load.

On the client side we can tell to the browser which content should it keep for longer time and which not. Static contents like images, fonts, CSS and Javascript files should be cached even for a year. It is not just speeding up the site, but also decrease the network traffic, which can be an additional benefit for mobile users.

The benefits of caching

There are various benefits of caching in WordPress, such as reducing the load on your hosting server, enhancing the speed and performance of your website and decreasing the network traffic. It provides you faster websites, but not only faster while loading but also getting a favorable rank with search engines. Least but not last – catch provides better user experience overall.

Swift Performance plugin can help you to have all that in one.

So, what do you waiting for?