When you think about AI and WordPress, content or image generation might come to mind first. However, Swift Performance AI is different from popular language models; it uses an expert system specifically designed to optimize WordPress speed. Let’s explore how it works.

Image Optimization

Swift AI not only optimizes images but also resizes them to ensure they are appropriately sized for all screen sizes. The AI image resizer uses intelligent rules to determine the best image sizes for each device, ensuring optimal loading times and performance across different screen resolutions.

LCP Optimization

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is a crucial Core Web Vital (CWV) score. Swift AI automatically detects if an image is used as the LCP element (even background images). When such an image is identified, Swift preloads it and excludes it from lazy loading, ensuring the page loads quickly and smoothly.

Decreasing CLS

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) can be a significant issue, causing unexpected movements of content on the page. Swift AI can detect elements that will be resized during the rendering process and intelligently set their size to minimize CLS. This proactive approach helps maintain a stable and visually consistent layout.

Critical CSS

Swift AI features a robust critical CSS engine that generates the smallest yet 100% failsafe critical CSS. Unlike other plugins that struggle with JavaScript-added classes, sliders, or animations, Swift AI predicts which CSS rules will be used during the initial page load and just after, ensuring that the critical CSS is effective and efficient.

Real JavaScript Optimization

Since the introduction of the delay JS feature in Swift 2 in 2017, the approach has evolved. The outdated method required custom tweaking and numerous exclusions to render the page properly. Swift AI uses a modern approach, offloading the main thread during page rendering and automatically delaying only those JavaScript files that can be delayed. This eliminates the need for manual exclude rules and enhances performance.

Font Optimization

Swift AI optimizes font files and creates critical fonts, containing only those used in the above-the-fold content. This can save up to 90% for icon fonts by loading only the necessary icons rather than the full font file. Additionally, Swift AI optimizes the font files themselves, reducing their size by 30-40%.

Cache Management

Effective cache management is crucial for website performance. While other cache plugins offer basic management, Swift AI detects when a page includes content from other post types (e.g., latest posts, best-selling products) and clears the cache when those contents have been updated. This intelligent cache management ensures that pages are updated promptly without unnecessary cache clearing.

Code Optimization

Swift AI can automatically disable plugins for specific requests, reducing memory usage and speeding up the process. For instance, during a WooCommerce AJAX request, SEO plugins not be necessary, so Swift AI disables them for that request. This targeted approach ensures that only the essential code runs, enhancing overall site performance.

In conclusion, Swift Performance AI leverages advanced techniques and intelligent rules to significantly improve WordPress speed. By optimizing images, reducing CLS, generating critical CSS, and managing JavaScript, fonts, and cache efficiently, Swift AI ensures a faster, smoother, and more reliable WordPress experience.