Why should you upgrade to Pro?

Secret Ingredients

We added our secret ingredients to make a product for our professional users, the result is Swift Performance Pro.

Compute API

Compute API will speed up merging process and decrease CPU usage. Compute API also provides advanced JS minify, which should be used if default JS minification cause issues on your site.

Compute API also provides Critical Font option, with that you can reduce font icon files’ size

Critical Icon Fonts

With Critical Fonts feature you can select icons that you are actually using on your site, and generate customized icon font set from them. There is also a feature to search used icons in your theme/plugins, posts, options, etc.

Once you selected the icons that you need, you can enqueue them with one click. If critical icon fonts are enqueued, the plugin will block the original version of the font CSS/font files.

Unlimited Image Optimizer

With Image Optimizer you can optimize every images on your site. It will scan the whole site, and pick up every image from themes, plugins and upload folder.

You can select images individually, and run batch optimization. Default image quality can be specified in plugin settings, however you can overwrite it before starting the optimization on selected images.

Schedule DB Optimizer

Both Pro and Lite versions comes with Database Optimizer. However in Pro you can set scheduled optimization, so you won’t need to do it manually.


With whitelabel option you can re-brand Swift Performance. You can change the plugin name, description, author, even the database prefix for the plugin.

Remote CRON

Pro version provides a Remote Cron option. If you set the remote cron, our API server will call wp-cron.php and run WP cronjobs as real cronjobs.

Extended WooCommerce Features

With Pro version you can not just cache, but totally disable cart fragments AJAX calls. Pro also provide session cache, with that you can cache and preload dynamic pages like cart and checkout page for WooCommerce

Continuous Plugin Updates

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