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Compute API (speed up caching)

Compute API can speed up CPU extensive processes like generating Critical CSS, merge assets, or minification and decrease CPU usage. Compute API also provides advanced JS minify, Critical Font feature.

Unlimited Image Optimizer

Swift Performance Pro comes with a built-in, unlimited image optimizer. You can lossy/losslessly optimize your JPEG and PNG images, and generate WebP version using our Image Optimizer API.

Advanced WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce GEO IP support and Ajaxify prices can help caching multilanguage/multicurrency WooCommerce shop. You can also disable cart fragments where ajax minicart is not necessary.

Youtube Smart Embed

With smart Youtube embed feature the browser won’t load unnecessary assets until the visitor start the video (or before the embed is in the viewport on mobile), but provide the same user experience.

Server Push

If your site is running on HTTP2 this feature will help to optimize resources, and speed up page load.

Proxy Caching

Proxy caching is an advanced option if your site is using proxies like Cloudflare. It can extremely decrease the TTFB behind the proxy server.

No Ads

While Swift Performance Lite contains advertisments, all of our premium plans are ad free. Upgrade now if you don’t like ads, or if you would like to provide more professional service for your clients.

Extended Support

We provide an extended support for all paid plans. If you have compatibility issues, or even if you need only help with configuration we are happy to help.

Lazyload elements – ajaxify

Lazyload elements is an advanced feature. With this you can specify content parts which should be loaded via AJAX after the page was loaded. Thanks for this feature you don’t need to exclude whole page just because there is a small dynamic part.

Many more...

Don’t hesitate to upgrade to get these features and regular updates. Don’t forget: Update is 100% risk free as we provide 14 days money back guarantee!

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$39.99/ year

1 site

Extended Support

Regular Updates

API & Image Optimizer



$199.99/ year


Extended Support

Regular Updates

API & Image Optimizer


100% money back guarantee We provide 14 days money back guarantee.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee