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How does Swift performance handle WP multisites in general?

Sep, 9 25
Swift supports multisite by default, no special configuration is needed.

Swift detects WooCommerce?

Sep, 9 32
Yes, Swift also has some WooCommerce specific options to speed up your shop.

Can Swift create white screen of death?

Sep, 9 24
Every plugin can. If you have this issue, you should enable WP_DEBUG or check the error.log to see what the exact issue is.

After installing Swift my mobile share buttons disappeared

Sep, 9 17
Try to fix the problem by disabling script compression in the social plugin. 

Problem with my Swift purchase key (I can’t submit a ticket because the key is ‘invalid’).

Sep, 9 11
Please e-mail us on [email protected], it can be caused by multiple issues.

An issue with (Facebook) video sizes loaded in an iframe going wrong

Oct, 10 7
You can try disabling lazy loading for iframes (if it is enabled): Settings > Media > Embeds > Lazy Load iframes.

Any way to manually lazy load an image src=””

Sep, 9 16
If you enable Settings > Media > Images > Lazy Load, all images will be lazy loaded automatically.

I moved website to a different hosting account and there is no page count showing and no file size showing

Oct, 10 13
Most likely your caching path had changed and you need to change that in Swift settings: Settings > Caching > General > Cache Path.

What are Swift cookies for on frontend? Why should I disable/enable?

Sep, 9 34
The enable/disable is for GDPR, for example if you are using GA bypass you can disable the cookies by default, and when the visitor accepts the tracking cookies you can use an option filter to enable them.

When Swift is active, Elementor edit is not working

Oct, 10 29
Enable Heartbeat in Swift if it is disabled.