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General questions about Swift plugin.

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Do you provide renewal discount?

Sep, 9 53
The plugin is published under GPLv2 license, however the API, the updates, and the support is subscription based. Currently we provide monthly, quarterly and yearly packages. You can save a notable amount if you choose longer subscription period. Time to time we have promotions, even personalized...

I bought Swift Premium a few days ago, but still pending. Is that normal?

Sep, 9 7
It must work automatically, please open the ticket with the Swift’s Support (

What is the best timing to install the Swift plugin?

Sep, 9 15
You can install Swift when site is finished - it saves on resources and having to clear cache after every simple change but you can install it on the beginning - in that case Swift needs to be a "in developer" mode, on Swift’s dashboard: Enable Developer Mode.

Codecanyon download issue

Sep, 9 68
We are thankful to CodeCanyon market and the opportunity it gave Swift Performance in its early phase. However, as our operation is increasing, we finally outgrew CodeCanyon platform and decided to move to more flexible system - our in-house built system. If you bought the plugin previously on...

The plugin does not have a valid header issue.

Sep, 9 5
Downloaded Swift Premium zip file from your Swift’s account ( might be corrupted, please try downloading it again.

Where can I find my purchase key?

Sep, 9 22
You can find your purchase key in the purchase confirmation e-mail. You can also login to and find your purchase key in subscription details, in My Account > Subscriptions.

Where to update the purchase key on WP dashboard?

Sep, 9 15
You can update purchase key in Swifts’ Settings > General > Purchase Key.

Can I use my license key also on development site?

Sep, 9 16
Yes, you can also use key on your dev sites. License limit is only for production sites.

Can unlimited license be used on clients’ websites as well?

Sep, 9 18
Licenses can not be shared as it is written in the license agreement (no e.g. co-buying). You can use developer license on your sites - that you operate, BUT you can use it also on your clients sites if it is a part of your service.  For example an agency who creates, and operating websites for t...

How is the license managed for multiple domains?

Sep, 9 26
A central dashboard where you can remove domains which were previously activated, is under development and should be available in the next versions.