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General questions about Swift plugin.

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The debug log shows ” [Warning] set_time_limit is disabled on the server”

Oct, 10 34
It should be fixed easily if you add the following line to the top of your wp-config.php: define("SWIFT_PERFORMANCE_DISABLE_SET_TIME_LIMIT", true); 

Is the timeout time of the server of 300s OK or is higher better?

Nov, 11 29
300 is the default timeout, however Swift will try to extend it up to 600s during autoconfig. If it is above or equal 40s it is ok, however higher timeout can speed up prebuild process.

Is the Timeout 40s in Swift dashboard max_execution_time?

Nov, 11 40
Not exactly. This shows how long can PHP script run. It is possible that max_execution_time is longer, but there is proxy timeout which stops the script earlier. It will be also 40s if the server doesn’t serve multiple threads for the same IP.

How to set the timeout to higher?

Nov, 11 47
Check here for detailed steps to perform:  If set_time_limit is disabled on your server, or you are using reverse proxy (Nginx + Apache) and there is a short proxy read timeout, ...

What are the main differences between Lite and Premium versions?

Sep, 9 177
Swift Performance Lite has limited features, and we are not planning to add new features to Lite version. Of course bug fixes, and compatibility updates will be released, but new features will be available only in Premium version. We also provide Premium support for Premium version, which means w...

Currently getting fast load time with Swift Lite, would the Compute API could improve on this?

Sep, 9 35
Compute API will speed up the cache generation, however with the unlimited Image Optimizer and server push you may improve the load speed as well.

Swift Performance Remote Cron: what features does this offer if I buy the Premium edition?

Sep, 9 67 1
If you are using WP cronjobs but all of your pages are cached (so they won’t run) you can use Remote cron as a real cronjob instead of normal WP Cron. It can be useful if you would like to run cronjobs (eg: delete expired cache) Then you have granular control and you can set Remote Cron frequency (e...

Is there any chance I could trial the Premium version on 1 site for a month?

Sep, 9 17
Yes, you can upgrade your license anytime.

Can you give me a coupon?

Sep, 9 18
You can find a 20% coupon here:

Do you have refunds policy?

Sep, 9 31
Yes, we provide 14 days money back guarantee. You can request a refund without any specific reason.