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General questions about Swift plugin.

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How much PHP memory Swift’s needs?

Nov, 11 68
Depends on the size of your site. The default should be fine but can go up to 256 MB or even 512MB to 1GB if site is bloated.

How to remove all changes on website made by Swift Performance?

Nov, 11 103
When you deactivate Swift plugin, and uncheck all boxes it will remove everything from database when you deactivate Swift and uninstall it.

How to add/remove in the config regarding the rewrites required for nginx?

Sep, 9 32
You can find the generated Nginx rules on plugin's dashboard: Show Rewrite Rules. Swift is compatible with nginx and it will automatically generate setting for nginx like it does for apache .htaccess file.

Why to use Swift Performance plugin?

Oct, 10 154
Swift Performance is an all-in-one WordPress performance booster plugin. It provides everything that you need to speed up your WordPress site (replacing several optimization plugins), and improve user's website experience. Swift Performance is already running on 2.000+ websites and based on our c...

Purchase Key is invalid

Sep, 9 85
If you get “Purchase key is invalid” message when you try to set purchase key in settings can be caused by your hosting is blocking outgoing connections. Please contact hosting support, and ask them to whitelist and Also check if WP Cerber (or other securit...

“Timeouts” when trying to access the Dashboard from the Swift Settings page and error 500

Oct, 10 70
The Warmup Table might be broken. You should update to latest Swift's version (if you are using an earlier version) or if you are using the latest version you should 1st disable Swift, don’t keep Warmup Table (Swift will ask you to keep some things and you untick a Warmup Table option) and reactivat...

Are event tracking supported in Google Analytics Bypass?

Oct, 10 34
Yes, analytics.js events are supported, however if you are using Google Tag Manager events, they are not supported at the moment

How can I join Swift’s affiliate program?

Oct, 10 44
Please try to enroll our affiliate program here:

Can I upgrade license at a later date, or do I need to get a completely new license?

Oct, 10 12
You can upgrade your Swift license at any time after initial purchase and you only need to pay the difference.  For  Swift's license upgrade you must login to your Swift’s account on Swift’s website, go to Subscriptions and click there on an ugly small link “Upgr...

I can not get the “revslider” to work with Swift on

Oct, 10 11
It could be various reasons for this issue but 1st check if you have overlapping of Swift’s lazy load feature with other plugins/your theme’s lazy load feature, e.g. lazy load of