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Is it possible to allow non-admin users to delete the cache?

Sep, 9 9
Yes, you can use this snippet:

I installed memcached but I can’t see any settings for it in Swift

Oct, 10 30
If memcached is installed you will find settings in Caching > General > Memcached with PHP. Please note the fastest way to load the cached pages is using Disk Cache with Rewrites.

Prebuild Cache starts only when I open Swift Dashboard

Nov, 11 23
Probably the default WP Cron is disabled. Please go to General settings and enable Remote Cron: Settings > General > Enable Remote Cron.

Swift is flooding my hosting/server storage space and my cache size is growing rapidly

Nov, 11 371
The average size of a cached page should be about 200-400Kb. That means if you have 1.000 pages the normal cache size will be about 200-400 Mb. This usually happens if there are a very large number of pages or if there is a dynamic part in JS or CSS - some themes/plugins creates dynamic js an...

What does mean: “Prebuild cache stopped due to an error (503)”?

Sep, 9 16
The site ran out of allocated resources. Troubleshooting steps: First of all we suggest to exclude post types that you wouldn’t like to cache. Autoconfig should find most and exclude them automatically but you also can add manually. Also if you enable optimization features it will use more C...

Should Swift be caching wp-cron.php?

Nov, 11 32
WP-cron.php shouldn’t be cached and it won’t be cached by default.

Strange redirects

Sep, 9 265
If you have strange URLs in your analytics or you can see that the site redirects to an URL like this: This is caused by an improper order of htaccess rules. Probably you are using a force SSL or force www/...

Disk Cache with rewrites or Disk Cache with PHP?

Oct, 10 80
Disk Cache with rewrites should be always the fastest solution especially in the age of fast SSD. But if you have slow hard drive, than storing in php/database or memory (object cache) is faster.

How can we get Swift to force http requests to https?

Sep, 9 25
You should setup and double check HTTPS before you install Swift. If your .htaccess has any redirect rules, they need to be removed and placed in Swift. On Apache you can also add force SSL rules in: Settings > General > Tweaks > Custom htaccess.

This is what happened to my site after using Swift: ��=�r�8�Ҍ�oE�

Sep, 9 30
This is usually caused by double gzipped.  Typically it indicates there is a deflate rule in your htaccess. Please remove it, and let Swift do it: Settings > Caching > General > Enable Gzip. If you enable this option it will generate .htacess/nginx rules for gzip compression. If you are us...