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If Swift won’t cache no matter what you do, even if you click manually on “Cache page” – if you enabled caching but you can’t see cached pages on status page, it can be caused by multiple things:
  • You are using a 3rd party cache solution (eg Varnish, Cloudflare, FastCGI cache, etc.) which caches the page before Swift Performance can cache it and that conflicts with Swift. 
  • Please be sure that there is only one cache plugin installed and others are uninstalled.
  • Note: Swift Performance supports most of server caching solutions, please configure them on Caching and/or CDN tabs in the Settings in order to work.  In case if you are using Varnish and/or Cloudflare please enable autopurging for them in Swift settings.
  • The cache folder is not writable. First you should reset Caching > General settings. If that did not solve the problem you can check is there are any files in the specified cache folder. If there are files, but the site doesn’t load from cache, it may be the htaccess/nginx rewrite rules are not set. Please check htaccess or nginx conf and copy the rules from plugin’s dashboard.
We recommended you to enable logging. Go to Settings > General and enable logging (set the log level to Warning). Now go to the Swift’s dashboard, run prebuild cache, or click to “Cache page” in the Warmup Table and click to Show log. What do you see in the logs?
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