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These features are only visible if one of these plugins is installed and activated on your site. This feature is available only in Pro version.

Contactform 7

Smart Enqueue Assets – Load Contact Form 7 CSS and JS only, if current page contains a contact form. All good WordPress plugins are coded in a way that they are only loaded on your website when needed. sometimes plugin authors cannot anticipate when and where you will use their plugin features on your website. In that case, they may load their code whether or not you need it. If the plugins are loading JavaScript and CSS files, then this may increase your website’s page load time.


Cache Empty Minicart – Let Swift cache Cart Fragments (wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments) requests if the cart is empty. WooCommerce sites, especially large ones, almost always encounter load time issues with the following AJAX request. https://mydomain.com/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments. The cart fragments feature and or AJAX request in WooCommerce is used to update the cart total without refreshing the page. However, this definitely comes at a cost and a lot of times if isn’t even used or needed.

Disable Cart Fragments – With this feature you can disable WooCommerce carts fragment completely. click on the box and choose between Everywhere, Non-Shop Pages , Specified Pages or URLs.

WooCommerce Session Cache (BETA) – Swift automatically excludes the “Cart”, “Checkout”, and “My Account” pages from the cache. With the feature “session cache” Swift caches the cart, checkout, my-account pages for each users separately (and clear/prebuild them on any cart action).

GEO IP Support – When you have set Geolocation in WooCommerce, Swift will create different cache (subcache) for all locations which are enabled. However it is a bit deprecated, Ajaxify prices is better solution for this.  Note. It can increase total cache size, because it creates different cache for all locations!

Ajaxify Prices – This option is using Lazyload Elements feature to load prices. It can be useful if you sell items with different TAX rates, based on user’s location. You can use Geolocate with page caching support as well in WooCommerce settings.


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