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Enable CDN – Enable this feature if you have a CDN. To minimize the distance between the visitors and your website’s server, a CDN stores a cached version of its content in multiple geographical locations. In essence, CDN puts your content in many places at once, providing superior coverage to your users. For example, when someone in Amsterdam accesses your hosted website in the USA, it is done through a local server in the Netherlands.

CDN Hostname – You can specify a main CDN hostname. If you doesn’t specify more hostnames it will be used for all static contents.

Enable CDN on SSL – You can specify different hostname(s) for SSL, or leave them blank for use the same host on HTTP and SSL.

SSL CDN Hostname – You can use Swift for CDN, but please be sure that you also enabled CDN for SSL and set the hostname here as well.

CDN Custom File Types – Use CDN for custom file types. Specify file extensions, eg: pdf. This feature is available only in Pro version.


Enable Auto Purge -If you enable this option the plugin will purge the cache on Cloudflare as well when it clears plugin cache. It is recommended to enable this option if you are using Cloudflare with caching.

Cloudflare Account E-mail – Your e-mail address which is related to the Cloudflare account that you are using for the site.

Cloudflare API Key – The generated API key for your Cloudflare account. Global API key

Cloudflare Host – Cloudflare host should be your site hostname. E.g. if you have a site: something.yourdomain.com by default it will be the host for Cloudflare (to get the zone ids), but if it is a subdomain you should use only yourdomain.com here. If using top level domain (without www) you don’t need to touch it.


If you are using MAXCDN and set the API you will be able to purge CDN from wp-admin. If you are using a different CDN you can ignore these fields.

MAXCDN Alias -If you are using MAXCDN you can specify your Alias here

MAXCDN Consumer Key – If you are using MAXCDN you can specify your Consumer Key here

MAXCDN Consumer Secret – If you are using MAXCDN you can specify your Consumer Secret here

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