Install Swift in a Multisite environment

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Swift Performance is compatible with WordPress Multisite and need first to be installed as:

  1. Network-activated and then
  2. Activate Swift on each sub-site.

If Swift is network activated, all settings will be automatically applied to every sub-site in the network.
However, as an example, if one sub-site in the network has a problem with merging, and the only solution would be disabling this feature, all the other sub-sites will be affected by this choice, and they couldn’t use merging anymore. For this reason, you need to activate Swift on each sub-site separately!!

To run Swift on WordPress Multisite:
1. Install Swift and click on Network Activate.
2. Visit mainsite (first site in list-> dashboard and activate Swift. Then run Autowizard.
3. Visit subsite->dashboard and activate Swift. Then run Autowizard, Use preset or import settings from mainsite.
4. Configure preferred settings on each (sub)site

Do I need a Multi License instead of a single License?

you might use a single license also on (unlimited) subsites, eg,, etc..

If your Sites are in different domains, eg,,  you need to use a multi- or developer license.




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