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Cache pages on first visit

May, 5 301
While Swift is generating cache, the CPU usage can be higher than usual as Swift Performance is using more aggressive optimization techniques than any other plugin on the market. When your site is hosted on a limited server and you have hundreds or even thousands of pages, prebuild can take a while....

How To Check For Plugin Conflicts

Aug, 8 343 1
It’s awesome that there are tens of thousands of plugins made by different developers, all created with the intention of serving different purposes. That said, there is nothing that guarantees that what one developer has created won’t conflict with something else on your site. Have you encountere...

How to find conflicting files?

May, 5 460 1
When merge Scripts is enabled it can cause issues at the frontend of your site. If your website support HTTP/2, fastest solution is to disable Merge Scripts as there is probably no negative impact on pageload. Regarding to HTTP/2 While concatenation (i.e. merging CSS and JS into fewer files) is...