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ABC shows up in the warmup table instead of a green checkbox

August 2, 2019 94
Striked ABC, it means the page is not cacheable. It can happen if the first visit is not a normal GET request (eg. HEAD) and no content was rendered, or if it was excluded somehow in cache settings. It can also happen if Ignore Query String is enabled in Caching settings, but Prebuild Only is not...

Should Swift be caching wp-cron.php?

August 2, 2019 107
WP-cron.php shouldn’t be cached and it won’t be cached by default.

Prebuild Cache starts only when I open Swift Dashboard

August 2, 2019 100 1
Probably the default WP Cron is disabled. Since 2.1 you can limit WP Cron, so you shouldn't disable it totally. Otherwise you can use Remote Cron: go to Cronjob settings and enable Remote Cron: Settings > General > Enable Remote Cron.

What happens when cache expiry time is over?

August 3, 2019 126
When cache expiry time is over, the cache will be cleared and if Automatic prebuild option was turned on ceche will be automatically generated and if not it will be cached on the next visit. The recommended time for cache expiration depends if you are using anything that can be expired (e.g. nonc...

Should we exclude crawlers from cache?

August 3, 2019 90 1
If you set the Optimization mode to Optimize Prebuild Only (which is recommended) you won't need this option. If you don't use Prebuild only mode and you get a huge bot-generated traffic may you should exclude crawlers to avoid overusing server resources. It can be also an alternative if you limi...

Swift is causing subscribers in MemberPress to re-login for every page

August 3, 2019 30
You should exclude members pages in Settings > Caching > Exceptions > Exclude pages. This will be an issue for all caching and membership sites.

Is there a way to exclude Recently Viewed Items widget from caching?

August 3, 2019 69
Yes, you can use Caching > Tweaks > Lazyload Elements feature for this. You can specify CSS selectors (eg: #related-products or .last-comments) to lazyload elements on the page. These elements will be loaded via AJAX after the page loaded. It can be useful for elements which can't be cached an...

Does Swift Performance compatible with Redis?

August 3, 2019 349 14
No, Swift Performance at the moment isn't compatible with Redis. However you won't really need it, there won't be a significant difference if you choose Disk cache + Rewrites caching mode