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An issue with (Facebook) video sizes loaded in an iframe going wrong

Oct, 10 27
You can try disabling lazy loading for iframes (if it is enabled): Settings > Media > Embeds > Lazy Load iframes.

I moved website to a different hosting account and there is no page count showing and no file size showing

Oct, 10 34
Most likely your caching path had changed and you need to change that in Swift settings: Settings > Caching > General > Cache Path.

Problem with my Swift purchase key (I can’t submit a ticket because the key is ‘invalid’).

Sep, 9 31
Please e-mail us on [email protected], it can be caused by multiple issues.

When Swift is active, Elementor edit is not working

Oct, 10 225
Enable Heartbeat in Swift if it is disabled.

Any way to manually lazy load an image src=””

Sep, 9 51
If you enable Settings > Media > Images > Lazy Load, all images will be lazy loaded automatically.

My header stopped working

Nov, 11 28
Try with deactivating "Force Responsive Images" feature: Settings > Media > Images >Force Responsive Images.

What are Swift cookies for on frontend? Why should I disable/enable?

Sep, 9 155
The enable/disable is for GDPR, for example if you are using GA bypass you can disable the cookies by default, and when the visitor accepts the tracking cookies you can use an option filter to enable them.

TripAdvisor widget won’t load when merge scripts are turned on

Nov, 11 50
You can exclude it through using: in Exclude Scripts.

Does critical font also work with FontAwesome 5?

Sep, 9 117
No, at the moment it supports only Font Awesome 4, however we are planning to extend this feature for more libraries (including FA5).

XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only Error Message

Mar, 3 59
In some rare cases when visiting your site, it returns a blank page with the message XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only. First, make sure you installed latest available version of Swift Performance. If you need to update, rebuild cache after update and if the problem still persist, it coul...