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Questions about Swift’s Plugin Organizer module.

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How does the Plugin Organizer feature work in Swift?

Sep, 9 262
With plugin organizer you can add disable rules (eg disable Contact Form 7 on frontend) and exceptions (except on the contact page and REST API). If a rule breaks the site you can remove it without any issue. It is different for each install. Here you can find an example: https://www.alentejowebdes...

Can the Plugin Organizer combine multiple rules? If so, in what order?

Sep, 9 78
Yes, you can use multiple rules for every plugin. All rules are in OR relation, it means if any of them is true, the plugin won’t be loaded on the request, however if there is any Enable rule which is true the plugin will still load.

Is it possible to disable plugins using your service only on posts, categories or pages?

Sep, 9 92
Yes, you can disable plugins by URL, or URL part, for example: /blog/ or /portfolio/.

How to disable Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin on all site excluding the posts I use it?

Sep, 9 60
With Plugin Organizer you can disable any plugins on specific pages. You can add disable rules and exceptions (enable rules) for every plugin.  For example you can add disable the plugin on Frontend, but enable it with URL match “products/”