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What does the option Enable Server Push do?

Jan, 1 188 1
HTTP/2 Server Push allows a website to push content to a browser, without having to wait for the HTML of one page to render first. In conjunction with the concurrency support built into HTTP/2, Server Push is able to reduce the time needed to load your website. HTTP/2 is the new generation of the...

Is there a way to combine Google Fonts with Swift Performance without touching files?

Sep, 9 139
If you enable merging styles, Swift will do it automatically: Settings > Optimization > Styles> Merge Styles

API connection failed

Sep, 9 289
If you already set the purchase key, and you see on dashboard that API connection was failed, that usually means that your hosting is blocking outgoing connections and that your server could‘t connect to Swift’s API. Please contact hosting support, and ask them to whitelist an...

Can I host Google fonts locally with Swift?

Sep, 9 78
It is not a built in function. Actually it isn't a good idea to host Google fonts locally. Google fonts are cached in browser for 1 year, so when your visitors arrives to your site, they probably already has a cached version.  If you host Google fonts locally, it may will increase your performanc...

High CPU usage

Oct, 10 848
While Swift is generating the cache, the CPU usage can be higher than usual. Swift is using more aggressive optimization than any other plugin on the market and it needs some CPU. Usually it isn’t an issue and CPU usage can be increased temporarily, but if it goes back to normal after prebuild finis...

Is it possible to exclude a specific JS from caching?

Sep, 9 78
Yes, you can add a full path or just a part of the file name in Settings > Optimization > Scripts > Exclude Scripts.

What does “threads” mean?

Nov, 11 88
We can limit the CPU threads/process-workers from 3, 2 or 1 and it means the concurrent CPU threads of optimization. For example if you set the Optimization setting to Optimize in Background, and you have 100 visitors it can start 100 CPU threads if you won’t limit them. Your shared server will prob...

WP Google Maps by WP Google Maps: Merge Scripts breaks Google maps “Missing Key Map Error”

Sep, 9 60
You need to exclude from merge scripts: Settings > Optimization > Scripts > Exclude Scripts (

I get a JavaScript error when I enable minify for scripts

Sep, 9 53
Some 3rd party theme/plugin scripts contain invalid code (eg missing semicolon), which can be fixed by the browser, but if you minify them and multiple commands will be moved into one line it can cause issues. You can notify the 3rd party theme/plugin developer about the issue, however in Swift’s...

Which post types should be excluded?

Sep, 9 52
The autoconfig will detect most post types what should be excluded, however you can also exclude some manually. This feature is good for post types that have a single page but you don’t use: eg forms, snippets, popups, etc. You can can add them manually: Settings > Caching > Exceptions> Exc...