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Questions about Swift’s Image optimizer module.

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Does the meta data like copyright is sustained or does it get removed?

Sep, 9 31
Meta data won’t be removed. 

I have other images optimizer plugin installed. Will Swift image optimize over already optimized images?

Sep, 9 78
Yes and it shouldn’t interfere with your already optimized images.  To be on the safe side you should turn on the option in Swift to keep your original images.

Is it possible to deactivate image optimizer and chide it from Swift dashboard?

Sep, 9 39
At the moment you can’t do it, however you can remove the menu item with PHP using wp hooks: you could remove it from admin bar by placing this in functions.php // remove image optimizer tab from admin bar function mytheme_admin_bar_render() { global $wp_admin_bar; $wp_admin_bar->remove_me...

Trying to scan images in image optimizer but it’s stuck

Sep, 9 112
Thank you to open direct ticket with the Swift's support, it's the best way:

Is the Image Optimizer module really unlimited?

Sep, 9 142
Yes, the premium version comes with an unlimited Image Optimizer, which means it is truly unlimited for domains and images, and already included in your subscription. You can optimize all of your images without any additional fee. There is a technical 10Mb size limit, however with normal usage yo...

How do you optimize images with Swift?

Sep, 9 300
We provides an Image Optimizer API. WordPress will send the image to our API server, it will optimize it and send it back. In that way it will be quicker, better quality and it will use our CPU instead of yours.

To optimize the existing images on my site, do I just “click the optimize all” and wait for the plugin to do wonders?

Sep, 9 61
Yes, you just “click the optimize all”.

Will optimized images stay if I uninstall Swift?

Sep, 9 93
Yes, optimized images will stay optimized if you uninstall Swift Premium.

Does Swift support or generate .webp image file format?

Feb, 2 290
Not yet, but we planned to add it to Swift’s image optimizer module in one of our next versions.