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Is there a way to clear the cache only on one page?

Sep, 9 58
Yes. Go to the page on front end and in admin bar click on clear page cache. If you preview the page while logged in as a WP admin, the Swift menu will have a clear page option.  You can also clear cache for individual pages in Warmup table.

How much time does it take for caching all pages?

Sep, 9 37
It depends on how many pages do you have, your current settings, and of course your server. Usually Swift can optimize and cache one page in less than 1 second.

Is it normal after making price or category changes to a product the cache isn’t cleared?

Oct, 10 28
It won't clear until you clear it unless you have an action rule to clear on some pages.

How can I turn off mobile caching?

Sep, 9 50
You can enable Mobile device support and exclude mobile user agents with regex:  #(Mobile|Android|Silk|Kindle|BlackBerry|Opera+Mini|Opera+Mobi)#

Does Swift cache cart, checkout, my-account?

Sep, 9 86
No, by default they are not cached. However, “WooCommerce session cache” feature cache cart, checkout, my-account pages for each users separately (and clear/prebuild them on any cart action).

Swift is causing subscribers in MemberPress to re-login for every page

Oct, 10 41
You should exclude members pages in Settings > Caching > Exceptions > Exclude pages. This will be an issue for all caching and membership sites.

Swift caching is not working

Sep, 9 1307 1
If Swift won't cache no matter what you do, even if you click manually on "Cache page” - if you enabled caching but you can’t see cached pages on status page, it can be caused by multiple things: You are using a 3rd party cache solution (eg Varnish, Cloudflare, FastCGI cache, etc.) which caches...

The pages refreshes over and over again

Sep, 9 33
Intelligent mode for caching can cause that issue, if the page contains any dynamic part (eg nonces, dynamic classes, timestamp, etc). However you probably don't need intelligent caching, because it is necessary only if a third-party content can arbitrary updated (eg live scores, currency rates, etc...

How can we tell Swift to not cache web address of media, tag post and urls with wp-json?

Oct, 10 122
Try #wp-json# in Settings > Caching > Exceptions > Exclude URL: and reset all cache and warmup table.

Swift doesn’t cache the pages with restricted content only accessible for logged-in users

Sep, 9 25
We are not sure that you should cache restricted content, once it is cached it won't be restricted for logged in users. You can enable logged in cache, however in that case it will create a separate version for each user.