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Questions about Swift’s caching section.

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Is there a way to set Time Based cache to 10 hours for a specific page, but the rest to 12 hours?

Sep, 9 6
No, set it on 10h, those two hours won´t make a big difference.

Is it SAFE to click on Remove URL for Cached 404, if I know that these pages are no more on my site?

Oct, 10 18
Absolutely safe. If the number of 404 pages becomes a problem, you can also disable caching for 404 totally: Settings > Caching > General > Cache 404 pages.

Should we exclude json, tags and categories pages from caching?

Sep, 9 57
You can exclude it to prevent unwanted cache, for example exclude URLs: \/json\/.+ \/category\/.+ \/tag\/.+ In exceptions and warmup tab you can see all related settings. It is always good to follow the WARMUP TABLE in your dashboard the first days and/or when you edit your website. After some...

For large sites I always set cache expiry to Intelligent, is this good for all size sites?

Sep, 9 26
No. Intelligent caching mode is deprecated and it will be removed in 2.0. For large sites you can increase the expiry time, or use Action based instead.

Does Swift Cache URLs with UTM parameters?

Sep, 9 23
Yes, if you enable "ignore query strings" in Caching settings.

Does Swift have a problem with Redis or with the Redis Object Cache plugin?

Sep, 9 92
Swift can conflict with Redis when not configured properly. We don't recommend using Redis Object Cache for Wordpress unless you are an expert. Swift or any file caching plugin will always be faster than using Redis.

How to properly purge all cache?

Sep, 9 87
If you click to Clear all cache Swift should clear all files (HTML, CSS, JS). If it does not, it’s possible the permissions are changed, or there is another issue with file deletion (please check the server error.log).

How to exclude amp pages?

Sep, 9 59
You can add a simple URL rule in Settings > Caching > Exceptions > Exclude URL: /amp/

Is there a way to exclude Recently Viewed Items widget from caching?

Sep, 9 17
You can’t exclude a part of the page, only if it is loaded via AJAX.

Is there a way to clear the cache only on one page?

Sep, 9 35
Yes. Go to the page on front end and in admin bar click on clear page cache. If you preview the page while logged in as a WP admin, the Swift menu will have a clear page option.  You can also clear cache for individual pages in Warmup table.